We meet on the first Friday of the month (except in January) at Donnington Parish Hall, Stockbridge Rd, Donnington, Chichester, West Sussex.


Membership costs £10 a year and visitors to our meetings are always welcome (entrance £2) 


We have a wide range of illustrated talks and demonstrations, with refreshments, raffle, plant sales and a table top competition for flowers, fruit and vegetables. Other events include; 3 shows a year, an annual plant sale, and visits to gardens large and small.


We are all amateurs, who enjoy learning from each other, so do come along and join  us!



A message from our Chairman, Brian Turbefield


I listened this morning to a radio programme about fruit and vegetable growing by under-privileged people in the U S. I was struck by one remark – “Growing some of my own food gives me a degree of freedom” said the lady who obviously had little freedom in other areas of her life.  Then I realised that this must be one of the reasons why I try to grow as much of my own food as I can.   I don’t have to,  I don’t need to, but yes, it gives me freedom from being restricted to what is on the supermarket shelves.


At the moment, those of us who have a garden or allotment and are able to work in them are the privileged class. We are free of being confined to our living space in-doors. Free to enjoy the effort of growing whatever we choose, improving our mental and physical health.


I am sure all our members have greatly missed the various activities of  Donnington Gardening Club, I certainly have, especially the Flower Shows.  The latest information on the virus suggests we will not be able to consider getting together again until some time next year.  But time passes quickly and I must get on with spreading this year’s compost on to next year’s potato plot. We gardeners are always having to look ahead, so do not despair.  




PS.  Though we can't have our usual Shows this year, we can share our gardens and their produce digitally. if you have a picture of your garden looking particularly good , or flowers or vegetables that you were really pleased with, do send them to Lynda at [email protected], (as a j.peg) and they will go up on a page on this site.