Programme Notes 2019 - 2020


For our meeting in March 2019 we welcomed professional gardener Barry Newman who gave us many ideas and hints about growing vegetables in containers.The smaller our gardens become the more likely we are to have to use containers or small raised beds. Barry showed us how many varieties of fruit and vegetsbles can be grown this way and pointed out the best ways to maintain and water these containers.


As always,our April Meeting comprised the Spring Bulb Show and Annual General Meeting. Because of the early season there were few daffodils shown but we had an excellent display of tulips and collections of spring flowers. The cup was won by April Janman. At the AGM a full complement of officers and committee was elected to serve for the coming year and the Treasurer reported a satisfactory financial situation.


For our June meeting our local ornithologist and wildlife expert Lawrence Holloway took us on a trip around the area showing all aspects of wildlife which is still there if we learn to look for it. His photographs are stunning especially the close ups of butterflies and other insects and flowers..


At our July meeting we welcomed back former member Annie Gambrill who told us all about the work she and her husband have put in to make a self-sufficient small holding in Ireland where they went to live a couple of year's ago. The work they have had to do left us all feeling exhausted but amazed at what they have achieved.  She will be coming back at regular intervals to up-date us on progress.


In October we had a fascinating talk by Naturalist and Horticulturalist Thomas Stone who gave us a master Class on the Magnolia family. Various varieties grow all over the world and his pictures of trees and shrubs in flower are amazing. There are at least two in Stockbridge Road. Can you find them?


At the first meeting of 2020 on 7th February, winter blues  were very quickly dispelled when members of Donnington Gardening Club enjoyed watching a series of pictures of local wildlife presented by local naturalist and photographer Lawrence Holloway. The sunny South Downs and beautiful close ups of butterflies lifted their spirits, forgetting for a while the cold dark winter weather outside.